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Thể Loại Truyện : Fantasy, Martial Arts, Mystery, School Life, Supernatural, Tragedy, Other, Action, Comedy

Ngày tạo: 20-10,2012

Ngày cập nhật: 20-10,2012 (1 - chap) - Đang Tiến Hành

Rate: 8

Số lần đọc: 189

Tóm tắt:

Beaten senseless by the school bullies, Jinho takes out most of his anger on video games. His pathetic life takes a turn when his guardian angel is replaced by non other then General Achala, the mightiest of all generals of the kingdom of heaven! Set in a modern Asian city, steady yourself as the demi-gods of Buddhist mythology come to life in a modern Asian city. If Team Brown's artwork doesn't amaze you, the story certainly will!

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Chapter 1

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Chapter 1